Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies
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Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies

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Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies

Getting A Spouse Visa To Stay In Australia

Jeremiah Lucas

Although it may seem like there are many hurdles to getting a spouse visa for Australia, most of the precautions are simply common sense. The requirements help the Australian authorities to decide who is and who is not suitable to be let into the country. For a spouse visa, one of the requirements is proving that you and your partner have been in a real and continuing relationship for at least twelve months prior to applying for the visa. This article looks at some of the information required so that you can begin to prepare your application.

Written Statement

You will be asked to write a statement detailing your relationship with your partner. Although this can be done by only the applicant, it is better to have both partners contribute to and sign the statement. You will be asked when and how you first met your partner, when you started living together and your future intentions regarding marriage – this is only asked if you are presently in a common law relationship. It is also known as a defacto relationship. Other details include to what extent you and your partner share personal affairs, such as bank accounts or financial obligations. If you have spent any time apart from your partner, you will be asked why and to give some evidence of your ongoing correspondence. This could be emails or letters that you have written to each other to keep in touch or itemized phone bills showing you and your partner communicating while separated.

Photographic Evidence

You will also be asked to provide some photographs that prove that you and your partner live as a couple. This can include pictures of you both taken together on vacation, at gatherings or in your home. The authorities will accept a small collection of signed photographs, usually ten pictures of you together is considered acceptable; photo albums are not accepted.

Other Evidence

There is quite a bit of other evidence that you can use as proof of your relationship. These can include things like joint flight tickets or official letters addressed to both you and your partner. You can also use council notices, mortgage documents or utility bills. Lastly, there are a few other documents you can use, such as joint memberships to any clubs or sports facilities or other activities that you have done together or official invitations addressed to both you and your partner. The Australian authorities will not accept any video footage of you and your partner together.

For more information about spouse or defacto visas, contact a company like Fisa Pty Ltd​.