Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies
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Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies

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Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies

Why Certain Industries Are More Reliant on Casual Workers

Jeremiah Lucas

Following the great downturn of the last decade, the entire shape of the recruitment industry changed. Workers were more reluctant to take on full-time staff, and individual employees started to look at work in a different light altogether. In general, this turned out to be good news for those industries that typically relied on fluctuations in demand and led to a boom in the market for casual labour. As an employer, why is it beneficial for you to hire this category of help these days?

Benefits of Casual

Predictability is something that can be difficult to attain in many industries, particularly retail and warehouse. With fluctuations in demand, the HR department can turn to casual staff to support operations where needed. In this case, the employer is under no obligation to keep them if everything slows down again and there will always be a resource to draw on. Casual workers tend to be much cheaper as a commodity anyway, as they are not entitled to the same type of benefits that full-time staff demand.

Why the Trend?

Australian society is seeing an increasing number of people who would rather seek casual employment than full-time occupancy, as it helps them achieve the type of lifestyle that they are looking for. In particular, those individuals who were forced into "retirement" during the great recession, now find that they would rather pick and choose when they work and have developed a different type of work/life balance altogether.

Looking for Workers

It's a good idea to keep the door at least partially open at all times when trying to recruit casual labour. In this way, you will have your eye on some good prospects for any job openings when they materialise. You can certainly solicit referrals from your existing employees, as this may be a good source for competent individuals, but in general you should rely on recruitment agencies that always have their finger on the pulse. These agencies have the methodology and systems in place to provide you with the service as and when you need it. You will find that the fees associated with this type of operation will more than make up for your ability to remain fleet of foot.

Always Be Prepared

Nobody knows if there will be another downturn and if there is, hopefully it will not be as bad as the last one. In either case, organisations that are geared up to engage casual workers as needed will always be one step ahead of the others.