Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies
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Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies

Time is money, and when you take too long to make a decision, it can hurt your company. However, when you're tasked with deciding something outside of your realm, it can be hard to know which decision is right. Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am a dentist and own my own clinic. Initially, I thought I would be doing things such as filling cavities and doing root canals. However, I quickly learned I had an entire business to run. I had to juggle a lot of things that were never discussed at school. From hiring great employees to filing my taxes and to using accounting software, I had to learn a lot. I also learned when to have a consultant guide me toward the right decision. If you want to learn about the power of consultancy and the value of decisive action, you have come to the right blog.


Decisive Action and Sustainable Results: Effective Consulting Strategies

  • Why Certain Industries Are More Reliant on Casual Workers

    27 June 2018

    Following the great downturn of the last decade, the entire shape of the recruitment industry changed. Workers were more reluctant to take on full-time staff, and individual employees started to look at work in a different light altogether. In general, this turned out to be good news for those industries that typically relied on fluctuations in demand and led to a boom in the market for casual labour. As an employer, why is it beneficial for you to hire this category of help these days?

  • Best Management Practices to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Excavation

    2 December 2015

    Archaeologists often excavate the earth in the line of duty. In this era of increased environmental awareness, there is growing concern over the environmental impact of such excavations and related archaeology activities. With this in mind, it is important for a trainee site archaeologist to understand a few of the best management practices for undertaking excavations so as to excavate in the most eco-friendly manner. Protection of Existing Wildlife Species

  • You Should See a Personal Injury Lawyer Even If...

    22 September 2015

    After suffering any type of injury or accident, you would do well to talk to a personal injury lawyer. He or she can ensure your rights are protected when it comes to having your medical bills paid and can also help you apply for disability or social security benefits if needed. While it can be good to discuss your case with an attorney, some people may assume that there are certain situations that make their services unnecessary.

  • Acoustical Control: Reducing Noise in Interior Spaces

    10 September 2015

    The common sources of noise in residential areas include road traffic, car alarms, barking dogs, construction projects and commercial premises. These acoustical disturbances create uncomfortable conditions which will limit normal activities like sleep and conversation. The noise can also affect your health by inducing headaches, promote fatigue and raise stress levels. Ideally, it is advisable to engage acoustical consultants to help you create a custom plan for noise control. However, you can improve the interior conditions and reduce the disturbance without professional assistance by installing some simple noise control measures.

  • Getting A Spouse Visa To Stay In Australia

    1 September 2015

    Although it may seem like there are many hurdles to getting a spouse visa for Australia, most of the precautions are simply common sense. The requirements help the Australian authorities to decide who is and who is not suitable to be let into the country. For a spouse visa, one of the requirements is proving that you and your partner have been in a real and continuing relationship for at least twelve months prior to applying for the visa.